Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crochet Obsession

Ok... so your probably looking at this saying to yourself...crochet really? But YES really! Crochet is currently one of the hottest trends is summer! So many fabrics and textures... The beautiful handmade designs are hitting the runway for this Spring/Summer 2011.  The look can definitely be dressed up or down (as shown below) and offers a Bohemian /low key chic vibe!

On a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon you can even hit your local thrift store to search for cute inexpensive pieces.  I have a few tips on how you can put together the perfect summer outfit! 


Emilio Pucci SS 2011

Anna Sui Spring 2011


Eva Longoria 

Alexa Chung

Kate Bosworth 

Khloe Kardashian-Odom


Wear ONE crochet piece, whether it be a top or should be the main focus of the look

Pop a crochet piece over a bikini or wear it over a similar colored camisole

Pair a crochet top or dress with some short cut off shorts

Keep accessories minimal to keep the outfit looking fresh and modern

Pair it with some cute flats or heels

So let me know what  you think about this trend! : )

Til next post...XOXO

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NOTD: Glitz Blitz

Happy Tuesday!! Just wanted to show off my nails...Aren't they purrrdddyyy?? lol. : )

 Revlon Scented Parfume in Grape Icy

Grape Icy & Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Glitz Blitz

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Beauty Product Review: Neutrogena Naturals

So I've been trying out a new face wash lately that I have fallen in LOVE with...that is Neutrogena Naturals! I was getting tired of spending so much money on face washes and getting none of the "results" they claim to offer.  I came across the NEW line Neutrogena has out.  I have always liked Neutrogena, but when I came across the lip balm and facial cleanser I figured I would give it a try. The packaging is clear and simple, it contains up to 50% post consumer recycled material (as it states on the bottle).

I have been using the lip balm, which contains Vitamin E and I must say I LOVEEE IT! It keeps my lips so moisturized for the longest time. The texture is smooth and not to thick. I use it before applying any lipstick and it does make the application of my lipstick much easier.

The next product I tried was the Purifying Facial Cleanser and Purifying Facial Scrub.  I use the facial cleanser in the morning and facial scrub at night to exfoliate my skin.  I think this would be a great cleanser for people that have sensitive skin, it is made with natural products with no harsh chemicals, dyes or perfumes. Some ingredients consist of water, glycerin, willow bark extract, salicylic acid, etc...its states the ingredigents and its sources on the back of the product. I don't consider myself having sensitive skin, but I do break out much easier during the spring and summer so this product is great for skin similar to mine. Since using this product I have noticed a slight improvement in my skin for example it doesn't get as oily as it normally does and it feels much smoother.  The first time I used it, the 1st thing I noticed was the smell (it smelled really good).  After using it, it truly felt like ALL of the dirt and grime (lol) was lifted out and off my skin (detoxified). It was wonderful! Its feels, smell and cleans wonderfully!! Oh may I add paraben free and not tested on animals! I do recommend this product to everyone!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Leopard Makeup

Hey divas!! I'm back with a fun makeup tutorial featuring my cousin Lindsay! Its an easy-to-do leopard look and I only used a couple products. I will list them below along with the 4 (yes 4 lol) easy steps...have fun with it!


1. Your choice of liquid eyeliner
2. Eye shadow of your choice to cover your eyelids & a highlight shadow
3. Another shadow to color in the leopard spots 
4. Eye shadow base


1. First, I applied an eyelid primer (E.L.F primer) all over the eyelid and up the temple.
2. I used L'Oreal Linear Intense liquid liner to do little leopard shapes and C's (some on the eyelid and up the temple)
3. I took a brown eye shadow and swept it across her HUGE (lol) eyelids and took a blue eye shadow and blended it into her outer V and up across the temple.
4. Lastly, I took a purple eye shadow and brown glitter cream shadow to fill in the C's. 

I did do a little bit of contouring using my NYX blush in Taupe.  As well as MAC Cream Colour Base in Shell applied it to her cheekbones. 

I keep her face clean and added nude lipgloss (Revlon Super Lustrous in Nude Lustre)

I hope you try out this fun and easy look!! Enjoy!!

Til next post...XOXO

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Louboutin Nails!

Hey loves! So about 2 weeks ago I tweeted a picture of my Christian Louboutin inspired nails and got a lot of request & questions on how to do them.  The steps are really easy... it all depends on how creative you get with your nails. I get my nails done every two weeks and have acrylic over my real nails and last time I went I decided to change the shape of my nails from square to rounded with a slight point. So when I thought of this concept , I decided to keep my nails simple! : ) 


Nude nail polish (or any color you prefer)
Red Nail Polish
Clear Top Coat
Cotton Q-tip
Nail Polish Remover
Rhinestones, stud, Konad prints (anything decorations you prefer)

ring from Bakers from my cousin Lindsay


The two colors I used were Sally Hansen Salon Complete Manicure in "Malt" and Essie in "Red Label".

I put a coat of clear polish and let it dry completely so I could get a even coat of my nude color in "Malt". (coated twice)

Then used my red nails polish in "Red Label" to create the "red bottom" look. (coated twice)

Lastly, I took a Q-tip with nail polish remover and went around the edges to remove all the "run offs".  Volia!!! Beautiful nails you can rock anytime!! 

You can get really creative and use chains, different colors (like instead of nude, maybe black?) or have some type of print on the nails (studs, rhinestones, etc) can do whatever your heart desires to make this look your own!  So ladies (& gents) have fun creating this look!!! 

Til next time!!

Til next post...XOXO