Thursday, June 2, 2011

Louboutin Nails!

Hey loves! So about 2 weeks ago I tweeted a picture of my Christian Louboutin inspired nails and got a lot of request & questions on how to do them.  The steps are really easy... it all depends on how creative you get with your nails. I get my nails done every two weeks and have acrylic over my real nails and last time I went I decided to change the shape of my nails from square to rounded with a slight point. So when I thought of this concept , I decided to keep my nails simple! : ) 


Nude nail polish (or any color you prefer)
Red Nail Polish
Clear Top Coat
Cotton Q-tip
Nail Polish Remover
Rhinestones, stud, Konad prints (anything decorations you prefer)

ring from Bakers from my cousin Lindsay


The two colors I used were Sally Hansen Salon Complete Manicure in "Malt" and Essie in "Red Label".

I put a coat of clear polish and let it dry completely so I could get a even coat of my nude color in "Malt". (coated twice)

Then used my red nails polish in "Red Label" to create the "red bottom" look. (coated twice)

Lastly, I took a Q-tip with nail polish remover and went around the edges to remove all the "run offs".  Volia!!! Beautiful nails you can rock anytime!! 

You can get really creative and use chains, different colors (like instead of nude, maybe black?) or have some type of print on the nails (studs, rhinestones, etc) can do whatever your heart desires to make this look your own!  So ladies (& gents) have fun creating this look!!! 

Til next time!!

Til next post...XOXO

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