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So Spring is finally here and what a better way to celebrate its arrival!? A PROM make-up tutorial featuring my little sister! For most of us, we all look forward (or use to look forward) for prom.  Getting GLAMED up in our pretty dresses and getting beautified for an important night that will become lasting memories for years to come! 

After a long weekend... I decided to spend my LAZY Sunday with my sister. We started playing around with the makeup I have...I ended up doing her makeup. I was not thinking about making a post at all... but I figured, WHY NOT?  Its spring! These colors (pinks and purples) are perfect as a everyday flirty look...and best of all..a look for that smokin' dress for prom. I made sure not to use to much heavy makeup on her eye and a cute pink lip... and VOLIA! This tutorial is yours to try! Have Fun!

P.S. I used my own products and Sigma brushes...I am not telling my viewers you have to use the same products or brushes. Whatever you like feel more than happy to use them to create a similar look! :) 


*in the order they were used*

Step one:  I primed her eyelid all over (brow-bone, crease and waterline)
I'm using this E.L.F Concealer (it works wonderfully-its $1, can be found in target or on there website). You can use any primer you like typically when I go out, I use the UDPP Primer Potion, but being that I was only playing around I figured I would use this primer, which works exactly the same! 

Swatches of the colors I will be using by BH Cosmetics
(from left to right: WS07, CM06, CM16 CS16) 
BELOW: as the highlight I used WM16.

*you can use anything you have that is similar or whatever you may prefer* :)

(Top to bottom: WM16, WM07, CM06, CM16, CS16)

Step 2: Using a Short Shader Brush from Sigma (E20). I took the light baby pink color and applied it to her inner eyelid (not going above the crease).

Step 3: Using the same E20 brush, I used the purple (CM06-middle color) and applied it to the outer lid (sightly bringing it upward above the crease).

Step 4: Using a Small Tapered Blending Brush (E45), I took the periwinkle shadow onto the brush.  Blended that into the crease towards the middle of your crease, you can extend it further toward the inner lid if you'd like (make a V on the outer corner of your eyes upper portion should be traced in your crease). BLEND...BLEND...BLEND! 

Step 5: Using the same E45, I took a tiny bit of the CS16 and blended in a little bit above the crease and blended it down ward towards the crease (so it doesn't look so blocked-off). As well as, on her outer bottom waterline (bringing it halfway towards the middle).

Step 6: Taking a Sigma Pencil brush (E30), I applied a highlight color into her inner eye duct and brow bone.

Step 7 (final step):  If you need to touch up any parts of the eye or blend out, do so...not to much... I ended up taking the first pink shadow and reapplying them into the inner lid.


For the rest of her face: She had her own foundation on (shes growing up so quick! I gave her, her first foundation brush today! LOL).  For her cheeks I used Sonia Kashuk Pink-14, I purchased at Target. 
On her cheekbones: Benefits Moon Beam (applied to upper cheekbones, tiny bit under brow bone, bridge of nose and her inner upper lip).

I applied a tiny bit of bronzer to temples of her forehead and under add a little tan to her face.

And lastly, I applied the lipstick by Rimmel in Pink Blush and topped it off by adding a lip gloss by Sephora in #15.

I wanted to keep everything really simple considering her age and the occasion. If you were to wear this look wear your gonna to be taking a lot of don't wanna have a cake face and REALLY heavy eye makeup. 


So, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial...Youtube videos will be coming soon. Sorry about the quality of my pictures they are not the best, but I am new to this soooo...I promise better quality is to come soon. 

Please note: ALL of the products shown or listed on this blog I have paid for with my own money.  I am not sponsored by E.L.F OR BH COSMETICS OR SIGMA BEAUTY. I have used my personal money to purchase these products. Please DO NOT consider this a review. Thank you!

Til next post...XOXO

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